A world-first MDF waste recycling solution has caused interest among retailers and investors.

The North Wales-based firm recently received a £250,000 investment from SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK, one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource management organisations. The company has also received funding from Innovate UK and a group of angel investors.

The process involves recovering wood fibre from used or off-cuts of MDF. It offers the first ever alternative to landfilling or incinerating the material as part of an energy recovery solution for leftover MDF.

Craig Bartlett, co-founder and managing director of MDF Recovery, said: “We are in talks with some of the world’s biggest retailers about harnessing our technology’s capabilities in their organisations. Sustainability is right at the top of the retail agenda and our solution offers retailers and MDF manufacturers a genuine world first.

“Refurbishment and fit out inevitably result in tons of material heading for landfill. Increasingly, retailers are aiming to reduce their environmental impact by using a larger percentage of recycled materials in their outlets.

“For furniture manufacturers, shaping and finishing MDF creates waste. Over 20% of MDF is wasted during the production of MDF sheets.”

The new technology ushers in a new era of sustainability in the wood industry.

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