A new Kenyan initiative called Goldenscape Tree Ltd is aiming to help restore the country’s tree cover and assist in boosting the country’s timber economy.

The company, founded by Peter Wengai in 2004, has already planted more than 500 acres of trees across Kenya and plans to expand this by helping individual landowners who lack the time of money to develop their own land.

“Once a client allows us plant trees on their land, we manage the trees from the time we plant them until they are mature. This is advantageous to the clients in that they do not have to participate in the management of the trees or anything related to their growth since that is done by the company, so they do not have to worry about having to constantly check on the land,” says Mr Wengai.

When the trees are mature, they are sold locally or exported and the profits go to the clients.

Mr Wangai adds that not only does the planting of trees help the environment by acting as water catchment areas in the dry parts of the country, but it also helps with the country’s current timber shortage.

“There is shortage of timber in the country and as a result, construction companies are turning to imported timber to satisfy their needs”.

Mr Eluid Kipkorir, a real estate valuer at Daima Prime Management Agencies in Nakuru, highlighted why investing in Timber was especially beneficial.

“Any investment on land in this day and age is a prudent move. However, the different types of investments yield different returns,” he says.

“Timber is a necessary commodity in the market today, and especially in construction, which gives it the advantage of never going out of style”.

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