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Guidelines for issuing green bonds in Brazil have been named initiative of the year by a respected environmental investment website.
Environmental Finance’s Green Bond Awards 2017 heaped praise on Brazil’s green bonds system, noting that since the guidelines were issued, the number of Brazilian green bonds issued has more than doubled.
Green bonds are debt instruments where [...]

A new tool developed at the University of Maryland could significantly aid and help combat deforestation, researchers have claimed.
The tool, which will work alongside other information gathering tools, uses images from two of NASA’s Landsat satellites, and will send high-resolution photos every eight days.
For comparison, the current tool used by Brazil’s Real Time System for [...]

February 23 marks the first opportunity for regional leaders to come together and explore how a new global deal on climate change is relevant to both forestry management and the area of Asia-Pacific.
Among the important issues, is finding collaborative ways between the countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve efforts to combat climate change. [...]

More than one hundred civil society organisations and networks have called for bioenergy to be excluded from the next EU Renewable Energy Directive.
A declaration has been published by one hundred and fifteen organisations and networks from all over the globe to urge the form of energy to be removed from the directive. Their arguments [...]

According to a new study, the large animals that call the Amazon rainforest home have now been hunted to the extent that it has affected the makeup of the forests themselves.
The study, which was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, revealed that the animals had been so thoroughly hunted that the [...]

A new report has confirmed the important role the central Amazon rainforest of Brazil plays in global weather patterns.
An international research team that was led by Penn State University carried out a nine-month long study in the Brazilian rainforest. Their findings will likely now be put to use to allow climate prediction models to [...]

As long as more forested land is not cleared for rearing cattle, boosting the level of beef production in Brazil could help to lower its national emissions, a new report has found.
The report, which was published in Nature Climate Change, found that emissions across the country could be lowered if beef production were raised because [...]

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), the largest supplier of pulp and paper in the world, has announced that it is to add a further project to the Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) it adopted in 2013.
The organisation will build a $10 million programme to boost the economic development of 500 small villages located close to its [...]

The recent climate change talks held in Paris – at which Brazil’s rate of deforestation was a major topic – were marked by transforming the Eiffel Tower into a virtual forest.
Belgian-Tunisian artist Naziha Mestaoui’s project, One Heart One Tree, saw the Parisian landmark turned into an interactive digital forest for the 2015 United Nations [...]

Research has suggested that a substantial proportion of investors are unaware of whether or not the companies they are investing in are ethical or not.
Conducted on behalf of Triodos Bank, the study found that 63 per cent of investors do now know whether or not the activities of the industries or companies they are putting [...]

The future of Brazil’s rainforest and forestry around the globe came under the spotlight at the international climate change summit in Paris today (1 December).
Prince Charles met with world leaders and indigenous people to discuss what is being done to protect forestry assets, which play a key role in reducing climate change.
He said: “It’s [...]

More than half of the different species of trees growing in the Amazon rainforest could disappear if deforestation continues at its current rate, according to a major international study.
Researchers said that some 57 per cent of tree species, including the Brazil nut tree and wild cacao, are under pressure. They said the situation could be [...]

Securing the rights of forests for those who live within them could help to reduce the rapid acceleration of climate change, according to new research.
A report published by the Washington-based NGO World Resources Institute (WRI) has suggested that investing in securing the first rights for indigenous people and local communities could provide significant economic [...]

The leader of an indigenous group in Peru has travelled to London to confront a member of the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) about the effect palm oil is having on his people and the nation’s forests.
Robert Guimaraes Vasquez, a leader of the Shipibo-Konibo indigenous people in Peru’s Amazon. He says Shipibo-Konibo is [...]

Over recent years increasing pressure has been placed on the private sector to take a more central role in the fight against climate change, and a new report published by the United Nations suggests it is doing just that.
The paper, entitled ‘Trends in Private Sector Climate Finance’, was released on Thursday (29 October). It states [...]

The struggle to save the world’s forests requires support from all manner of companies, investors, charitable organisations and governments. Alone these different organisations will have a tough task in helping the planet’s forests to flourish, but together they stand a far greater chance.
Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, as is so often the case, provides an example for [...]

The global timber industry has received a welcome piece of news as figures revealed that illegal wood imports to the United States have fallen.
Just last week Lumber Liquidators, the largest hardwood flooring retailer in the US, pleaded guilty to using illegally imported wood – the company was hit with fines and penalties totalling more than [...]

Deforestation within the Amazon has fallen substantially since the turn of the millennium, a new report has indicated.
On Monday (5 October), a research paper was published by The Amazonian Network of Georeferenced Socio-Environmental Information (RAISG), which is a group of Latin American social and environmental organisations. The study stated that the destruction of primary forests [...]

Controlled and selective logging can help forests recover their carbon stocks far quicker while also benefitting the timber industry, a new study has found.
Research by CarboForExpert in Switzerland and CIRAD in France showed sustainably logged tropical forests play a key role in global carbon sequestration, which in turn has important implications for global climate.
By analysing [...]

WFC outlines vision for future of world’s forests

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

The World Forestry Congress (WFC) has set out its vision for the future of the planet’s forests that focuses on more than just tackling climate change.
The XIV World Forestry Congress meeting in Durban, South Africa concluded on Friday (11 September). The event moved beyond the idea of preserving forests for the sake of combatting climate [...]