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Despite the huge potential of Mozambique’s 40 million hectares of natural forests, they are being rapidly depleted at a yearly annual rate of approximately 0.35 per cent, representing an annual loss of almost 140,000 hectares.
This rapid rate of deforestation is posing huge risks to rural livelihoods and biodiversity habitats, and on top of this, [...]

The USA’s first ever high-rise wooden structure has been given the go ahead after US legislation banning buildings with load-bearing wooden structures over 30 metres tall was overturned.
After rigorous testing to meet seismic, acoustic and fire requirements, the 12-storey building in Portland’s Pearl District which was designed by Lever Architecture to be built from [...]

In recent years, as the social, economic and environmental benefits of our forests have become more widely understood, governments across the world have begun to mobilise in an effort to protect their own.
The process can sometimes be costly and so funds, bonds and private investment opportunities are often touted as the means to a [...]

New $18m Gabon deal to protect forests

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

In a positive step against the ongoing fight against deforestation, Gabon has signed an $18 million deal to protect woodland and cut its carbon emissions by half by 2025.
As one of the world’s most densely forested countries, Gabon is the second African country, after the Democratic Republic of Congo, to sign an agreement with [...]

The future of reforestation is very small, and very fast.
Drones are set to revolutionise the costly and time-consuming process of reforestation as new companies launch plans to replant and restore forests that have been stripped of trees by industrial-scale deforestation.
A fast worker can plant around 800 trees, or 2 acres, in a single [...]

Panda appreciation boosts China forests

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Recent research from Michigan State University has shown that reserves set up in China to protect Pandas have had far reaching consequences for the conservation of forests and protection of habitats for other important animals and plants.
The study in Ecosphere presented data which showed the forests inside reserves, and in areas outside the reserves’ [...]

A new Kenyan initiative called Goldenscape Tree Ltd is aiming to help restore the country’s tree cover and assist in boosting the country’s timber economy.
The company, founded by Peter Wengai in 2004, has already planted more than 500 acres of trees across Kenya and plans to expand this by helping individual landowners who lack [...]

In a move to improve the transport of timber in Scotland, almost £1m has been invested in improving five roads near Hawick used by timber traffic, plus another near Tweedsmuir.
The Forestry Commission Scotland’s strategic timber transport fund will be contributing £590,000, while the Scottish Borders Council will be adding another £360,000 to that sum. [...]

A project, entitled ’Promotion of Sustainable Management of Production Forests by Forest Companies in Vietnam’, has been jointly implemented by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).
The project supports sustainable forestry management and has three main objectives: Strengthening sustainable forest management in the [...]

The Rainforest Alliance has announced an intention to “redefine the certification landscape” by merging with fellow sustainability certifiers UTZ – streamlining the certification process within agriculture supply chains.
The merger will bring the two companies together under the Rainforest Alliance brand and will combine the Rainforest Alliance’s history of tackling deforestation with UTZ’s work with [...]

Drones: The new frontier in forestry?

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Ogun, a state in southwestern Nigeria, has announced plans to start using drones as part of security measures to protect its forests.
Kolawole Lawal, the Commissioner for Forestry, announced the plans to journalists, explaining that the plan was part of efforts by the ministry to checkmate the activities of illegal loggers towards sustaining the forests [...]

The Chief Executive Officer of EcoAgriculture Partners, Dr Sara Scherr, has claimed that agroforestry has the potential to improve food production, grass for livestock, and forest products as well as creating a comfortable habitat for wildlife.
Dr Scherr, an agricultural and natural resource economist specialising in land management policy in tropical developing countries, said that [...]

Prices for forestry land in Ireland remain strong, the latest agricultural land study has revealed.
The Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers’ (IPAV) agri survey found that investors are increasingly opting to plant on marginal lands traditionally used for grazing, with younger farmers more interested in the quality of land and are willing to “migrate” [...]

This year’s Global Landscapes Forum, held in Jakarta, focused on peatlands and the importance of their continued and successful conservation.
The Forum is led by the Centre for International Forestry Research, and has been held yearly since 2013. The aim of the event is to shed light on the significance of peatlands not only for [...]

A world-first MDF waste recycling solution has caused interest among retailers and investors.
The North Wales-based firm recently received a £250,000 investment from SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK, one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource management organisations. The company has also received funding from Innovate UK and a group of angel investors.
The process [...]

As it does each year, the College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF), has compiled a list of the most fascinating plants and animals discovered around the world this year.
The Top 10 New Species of 2017 were announced this week to mark the birth of Carolus Linnaeus, the 18th century Swedish botanist who is [...]

Stock farms targeted by forestry investors

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

The success of the forestry market in Scotland and north-east England is creating strong demand for marginal farmland for the creation of woodland.
According to Farmers Weekly, investors are paying premiums above land’s agricultural value in a bid to find suitable land for woodland creation, with sheep units often considered strong options.
In fact, Jamie [...]

El Salvador, considered the most deforested country in central America, has voted against mining activity, it has been revealed.
Communities located around the Cinquera Forest Ecological Park, which spans 5,001 hectares (19 square miles), have taken it upon themselves to protect the forests in the area, most recently taking to the polls in a municipal referendum [...]

Representatives of some of Brazil’s key industries, including forestry, think the country has “extremely positive” growth prospects for 2017 thanks to proactive measures taken by the federal government.
During a meeting with Brazil President Michel Temer this week, industry figures including Joao Henrique de Almeida Sousa, the president of the SESI National Council, think Brazil will [...]

Landowners in Louisiana, US, are to benefit from $1.1 million in funding to help them implement productive forest management practices under a five-year project announced by Drax Biomass and the American Forest Foundation (AFF).
The initiative, called the Morehouse Family Forests Initiative (MFFI), sees Drax Biomass and the AFF “invest in the future” of small family [...]